The professional conferences of the ICD Business School

The Business Relations Department of the ICD Business School regularly organizes conferences for our icédiens. These conferences are a considerable asset for our future professionals because it allows them to be put in contact with companies very early in their schooling. An ingenious way to build their professional network and also to learn to exchange in a professional way and to be in line with the expectations of companies. Marketing Manager, CEO or Sales Director, the profiles of our speakers are very varied which allows our students to broaden their horizons as much as possible.

The professional conferences of the ICD Business School

Sabine Franquet, in charge of internships at the ICD Business School, supports students from the Grande Ecole Program and international MBA and MSc programs each year in their search for an internship, work-study program or job. She is also part of the organization of these conferences and gives us more details on this educational tool.

Why does the ICD Business School set up conferences led by professionals from the business world?

To put them in contact with companies from the start of their studies at the ICD, to introduce them to different professions and sectors of activity. Teach them to interact with managers in a professional position and allow them to benefit from all their good advice.

What is the profile of the speakers?

We have different profiles of speakers, Human Resources Managers, CEOs, Marketing Managers, Sales Managers, Purchasing Managers, all the professions for which the ICD prepares. Many former students agree to participate in these conferences. We also have business creators who come to share their experiences with students and encourage them to create their own business.

What is the purpose of these conferences?

Allow students to ask all their questions - live -  to professionals who practice jobs they do not know or do not know enough about. Allow them to learn in a different format in a friendly atmosphere.

What are the topics covered?

These are themes related to the programs they follow at the ICD. Examples: international development, innovation, management, expatriation,...

Do they address current themes such as CSR?

Yes! Recently we had the chance to involve Hélène Coulbault, Corporate Communication and CSR Manager at Nespresso.
Nespresso is a very committed brand in terms of responsible trade and marketing. It is important for us to make students aware of the CSR dimension since they are the managers of tomorrow.

Which programs are concerned by these conferences?

All programs benefit from conferences throughout the year. It is possible that we organize common ones when a theme may interest several classes. It then depends on the availability of students, who already have a busy schedule.

What do these conferences bring to the students?

An openness to the world, new contacts, advice, new ideas for their future, answers to their questions.

How are these conferences an added value of the ICD Business School?

It is thanks to our network of partner companies and our network of alumni that we can organize all these events. The human size of the promotions allows us to organize these moments of convivial exchanges where the students have time to ask all their questions.

When will the next conferences be held?

From the start of the school year, as soon as classes resume!