Dublin is a strategic city offering students from ICD an international experience as soon as they arrive in year 1. The main objective of the Dublin experience is to enable students to discover the Anglo-Saxon culture and to further improve their English language skills.


Putting the international dimension at the heart of our courses

As soon as their first year of studies at ICD, we offer our students an international experience (6 months on the Grande Ecole Programme, 1 month on the Bachelors programmes).

The study abroad programme in the Irish capital has been designed around a highly original pedagogical approach, enabling students to:

  • develop their autonomy
  • and discover the treasures of the Anglo-Saxon culture. 

Beyond these two aspects, it’s also an undeniable opportunity for students to further improve their English language skills.

Studying abroad in Dublin – your first international steps

The study abroad programme in Dublin offers students a unique learning experience, developing their international mindset and introducing them to the intercultural dimensions of business.

Led by an international team and taught in English, this full immersion course offers students a truly international experience.

An experiential, innovative and effective learning approach


  • workshops 
  • projects 
  • and conferences 

the study abroad experience offers students a novel learning approach.  Classes taught in English, meetings with Irish business organisations and project-based activities enable students to develop their team-working skills in intercultural teams and prepare for their first business placements.


Developing the autonomy of our students in a multicultural context

Sending students abroad as soon as in their first year of studies is a bold pedagogical choice.  But ICD’s objective is to give our students the opportunity to benefit from this experience as early as possible and to encourage them to really practice their English language skills.  Our objective is that this will ultimately give them the keys to successful future international careers.

Dublin also offers opportunities for international exchanges with other campuses throughout the duration of our courses.