The Shanghai campus allows ICD students to develop their skills and knowledge to open up opportunities for working with the dynamic potential of the Chinese market. By discovering this country, its culture and its approach to business development, students will be equipped to build upon this experience for future careers in China, Asia and on the wider global stage.


ICD, a French business school for the Chinese business market

ICD decided to locate its campus in Shanghai at Fudan University, the city’s most prestigious higher education institution.  This Chinese university is ranked third nationally and 19th on the Asian continent.  It is an academically selective university, which will naturally add extra value to your qualifications.

A highly specialized Franco-Chinese track

During their studies at ICD, students can choose to apply for a place on the Franco-Chinese track.  This option involves several stages.

Chinese language classes in years 1 & 2

10 hours of weekly Chinese language classes are taught from the start of the programme of study.

In addition to this, students take intercultural courses that will help them fit into a culture that is totally new for the majority of them.

Two years of immersion in China

Students spend years 3 and 4 studying on the Shanghai campus.

This period abroad enables them to further their intercultural knowledge of China and their Chinese language skills.  At the end of year 4, students will receive a certificate of study from Fudan University.

A final year of specialist studies in France

With 2 years of study abroad experience in China behind them, students return to France to follow their 5th and final year of studies.


A career working with China

"After my studies at ICD on the Franco-Chinese track and then the SMI programme, as soon as I graduated I was recruited by a Franco-Chinese specialist HR Consultancy.  Less than a year later, I was given the opportunity to be in charge of opening up a new office in Shenzhen.Being an entrepreneur is all about having an idea and having a passion. You also have to believe in your idea and never be destabilized. You have to try things out and fail, and then try again until you finally succeed !"

Homéric de Sarthe

Franco-Chinese Track, ICD 2011