Learn more about cookies and their settings

The term “cookies” includes all of the cookies or trackers placed and/or read on a terminal device (specifically your computer), while browsing a website, for example. As part of your visit to this website, your browsing information is likely to be recorded on your terminal device in cookie files placed by us or a third party. The cookie can contain several pieces of information: the name of the server that placed it; an ID in the form of a unique number; an expiration date, etc. This information can be stored on your computer in a simple text file that a server can access in order to read and record information.

What is the purpose of the cookies that may be stored on your terminal and how to manage them ?

Cookies have different functions.


Technical cookies are used for technical purposes, to facilitate navigation on our website. These technical cookies allow us to identify you to help you fill in forms or certain fields, and to improve your navigation. Technical cookies also allow us to implement security measures or to take into account some of your choices, such as language.

The purpose of these cookies is simply to make this site work. They can be placed and read on your terminal without requiring your consent.

Please note that if you "uninstall" a technical cookie from your equipment, you may not be able to benefit from the services offered by the website.



The audience measurement cookies allow us to measure the audience of the various contents and sections of this site, and to understand in particular how users arrive on the site.
This website uses advertising solutions. The deposit and reading of cookies allow the display of targeted advertisements on a web page determined according to the profile of the Internet user who consults the page, and more particularly according to the pages that the latter has consulted.

This website has added social plug-ins to its pages to facilitate the sharing of the website's content on several social platforms, such as Facebook, Linkedin, Pinterest or Twitter. Adding these "social buttons" to our website allows certain social platforms to use cookies that track your browsing, whether you are a user of those platforms or not.


Click on the icon to manage advertising cookies.




Delete cookies from your hardware directly from your browser

You have the possibility to delete the cookies deposited on your equipment.

The configuration of each browser is different. It is up to you to follow the instructions of the editor of your browser as follows (links available at the date of update of the page "Cookies"):

For Internet Explorer: launch your browser and then press "Alt + U" at the same time; select "Internet Options"; in the "General" tab, go to the browsing history and then click on "Delete..."; check the box "Cookies and website data" and press the "Delete" button again. Find these explanations with the following link: https://support.microsoft.com/fr-fr/help/17442/windows-internet-explorer-delete-manage-cookies

For Firefox: launch your browser and press "Alt + O" at the same time; select "Options"; click on the "Privacy and Security" tab and choose the desired options. Find these explanations with the following link: https://support.mozilla.org/fr/kb/autoriser-bloquer-cookies-preferences-sites?redirectlocale=fr&redirectslug=Activer+and+d%C3%A9sacrifice+the+cookies

For Chrome: launch your browser and press simultaneously on " Ctrl + H "; click on " Delete browsing data ", and check the box " Cookies and other site data ". Find these explanations with the following link: https://support.google.com/accounts/answer/32050?co=GENIE.Platform%3DDesktop&hl=fr

For Safari: launch your browser then click on "Safari" in the top left corner; select "Preferences" then click on "Privacy"; click on "Manage website data"; select one or several websites then click on "Delete" or "Delete all". Find these explanations with the following link: https://support.apple.com/fr-fr/guide/safari/sfri11471/mac

For Opera: launch your browser then click on "Settings" in the toolbar; select "Delete private data"; check the box "Delete all cookies"; click on "Delete". Find these explanations with the following link: https://help.opera.com/en/latest/web-preferences/#cookies

Retention period

The cookies stored in your terminal or any other element used to identify you for statistical or audience purposes will have a reasonable lifespan linked to the purpose of the envisaged processing within the limit of thirteen (13) months maximum, this duration not being automatically extended at the time of your new visits on the SITE. Beyond this period, the raw traffic data associated with an identifier is either deleted or anonymized.

For any request concerning personal data, please send an email to the DPO of the IGS Group at the following email address: dpo@groupe-igs.fr