Alumni Network

For nearly 40 years, ICD has been training professionals in the world of sales, marketing, events management and business development. Over time, this expertise has enabled us to build up a solid and powerful alumni network, offering incredible opportunities for recent graduates to benefit from an invaluable business address book.

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An alumni network that works for our students


Our work at ICD is based on a culture of sharing and communicating, supported by a powerful network of alumni who are heavily involved in school life. 


An accomplished business school alumni network

Our network counts no less than 6,500 alumni currently working in France and overseas.  They occupy a variety of exciting positions in a wide range of both national and international business organisations.
Thanks to this powerful alumni network, new students can benefit from high-quality advice, expertise and careers opportunities.


A network working for your success

The success of each of the network’s individual members naturally benefits all of our alumni, and there are countless graduate success stories to illustrate the reputation of ICD and its alumni. 
The network is also open to the school’s corporate partners.  Employers are therefore able to benefit from a major source of new talent during their recruitment drives.


icd alumni

ICD has provided its students, alumni and corporate partners with a new web portal called ICD Alumni.  Functioning as a true professional social network, the portal offers, for example, access to the calendar of events organised by our alumni (conferences, evening socials, etc.), enables alumni to keep in touch with each other, employers to recruit new ICD talent and students to access countless placement, apprenticeship and job offers.





ICD Créateurs meetings offer students with business start-up projects regular opportunities to benefit from the expertise of ICD alumni, entrepreneurs and business owners.

By trying out their ideas and sharing their experiences, participants get best-practice inspiration and receive essential advice on the specific legislation and procedures involved in setting up a business.