To offer our students the benefit of an innovative pedagogical approach and an international focus to their programmes, ICD has opened several campuses in France (Paris and Toulouse). In addition, thanks to our network of university partners across the globe, students are able to further develop their intercultural and international dimension.

campus paris

ICD, Business School Paris

Have you chosen to study at a business school ? Excellent choice ! A business school offers amazing possibilities and a wide range of career opportunities. All that remains is to choose where to study. The first step is to choose a dynamic city where you have the best chance of achieving your career goals, but without losing sight of the quality of your student life. Several cities in France offer good conditions. Here's why studying at a business school in Paris may be the best choice for you.

Studying in Paris is an incredible opportunity. Thanks to its international dimension, its cultural richness, its reputation, its history but also for its economic influence, you will be able to flourish in a thousand ways. The campus of our Paris Business and Marketing School is located near the Canal Saint-Martin, a particularly pleasant place to spend time during the beautiful days of spring or summer.

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ICD is part of the Groupe IGS' campus located in the city of Toulouse, also known as la ville rose. There are 6 different schools on the Campus, offering students from different horizons and countries the opportunity to connect. With 120,000 students, Toulouse is the biggest education and research city after Paris. It has 4 universities and an exceptional choice of leading schools in the fields of aeronautics, meteorology, the fine arts and of course business with ICD. A real endorsement for la ville rose and an ideal setting for your business and marketing school in Toulouse!

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