Humanism, Entrepreneurship and Professionalism are three values that not only drive ICD, but are also at the heart of its pedagogy, through its unprecedented educational curriculum: the HEP program.

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HEP Education

This program makes it possible to develop 5 essential skills in order to imagine and implement solutions that respond to major issues from our era: CREATIVITY, CRITICAL THINKING, ETHICS, COOPERATION, LEADERSHIP. Combined with one another, these 5 skills make it possible for each person to express their genuine human potential.

At the end of this program, each learner from ICD, will be able to :

  • Demonstrate open-mindedness outside of their “professional” expertise.
  • Give meaning to their actions by relying on individual and collective values.
  • Develop behavioral savoir-faire in order to be an actor in professional and societal changes.
  • Research and measure the positive impact of their professional projects.
  • Understand the importance of human potential in order to deploy high-performing collective solutions.

The HEP educational curriculum is composed of :

  • Five 20-hour units with assignments and activities focusing on societal issues and issuing ECTS* credits.
  • Thematic educational workshops that make it possible to study the teachings in depth and provide learners with collective experiences.

Completing the full program will validate the acquired skills and provide additional added value for a learner’s education at ICD.

*ECTS European Credit Transfer and Accumulation System