Event Lab

Practice makes perfect!
Event Lab is a testing ground that reproduces the real-life working conditions of an events agency. Students organise between 6 and 9 events each during the course of their studies.


At ICD we believe in varying our teaching approaches. To enable you to acquire the methodology required for the planning through to the successful organisation of an event, ICD has created for you a student-run events agency called the Event Lab.  Through the Lab, each student organises 3 events per year under the supervision of industry practitioners. 



Six hours are dedicated per week to the organisation of events (1h30 per day).

From year 1 through to year 3, students organise events assigned to them by the school or by companies / partner agencies.  To help them succeed in their missions, they are supervised by their lecturers and allocated material to boost their creativity.



This student-run agency offers you a programme that will enable you to test your skills on different types of events, including:

  • Conferences, symposiums, congresses
  • Forums, exhibitions
  • Business events, roadshows, product launches, seminars
  • Sports competitions and tournaments
  • Concerts, cultural events and entertainment
  • In-company, after work and networking events
  • Charity and humanitarian events

The Event Lab proposes nearly 50 events per year, of which half are open to the general public.



Thanks to the Event Lab, you’ll be responsible for:

  • Planning projects, so that you understand what it means to work to a customer’s need and how to differentiate through an event
  • Preparing events, to learn about what it involves to take into account the full scope of an event so that participants are guaranteed a positive experience
  • Producing events to offer you opportunities to give free rein to your ideas
  • Analysing events, in order to identify areas for improvement and help you develop your skills




At the event lab, our work involves supervising and supporting students from year 1 through to their final year of studies.

we offer them opportunities to organise events that become gradually more complex over time.  this activity enables our students to test their newly acquired skills, and then to further develop these skills to have the confidence to successfully take on projects that are both stunning and adventurous.  our students’ will to succeed and to prove their worth motivates them to contact different service providers, propose innovative solutions and to negotiate effectively.  by taking this broad range of initiatives, they are already working on exactly the same type of assignments they will have upon graduation!

going forwards in their programme, students begin to deliver events that are increasingly ambitious, better organised and which offer a real added value.  this means they are ready for the job market, understand the challenges involved and have the confidence to stand out from the crowd!

Myriam NOEL
Benjamin OGREN

Event Lab Coaches


jean nicolas M2

The Event Lab team supports and supervises each of the programme’s students on a day to day basis.  By putting them in charge of organising events, this means that our students have to deal with a range of tasks from understanding a client’s needs through to the planning, production and analysis of the event. Supervising the students in action means I can check directly that they have fully understood the theory learnt in the classroom.  Their questions become increasingly pertinent as they advance through the programme of study.  Our very operational learning approach enables students to develop turnkey event solutions for clients and to measure the success of each event according to the specifications provided.  Students therefore develop key events project management and team leadership skills whilst learning to defend their projects with confidence.

Jean-Nicolas MANNONI
Head of Event Lab