Students' Union

At ICD, we believe that extra-curricular activities are an important aspect of student life. And in order to give you the credit you deserve for the time and effort you put into our clubs and societies, we’ve made sure that the activities they run are fully integrated into the programme of study at the business school.


Business school student clubs & societies

The clubs and societies cater for a wide range of interests, and a multitude of events are organised on our different campuses throughout the year.


The Students’ Union oversees the clubs and societies

THE BDA (Bureau Des Associations)

  • Members organise numerous events taking place throughout the year, 
  • And with more than 45 team or individual sports on offer, it’s like having your own personal trainer!

The Students’ Union is structured into 5 areas of activity catering for a wide range of interests:

  • Arts & Culture, 
  • Campus Life, 
  • Events, 
  • Humanitarian & Charity Work, 
  • Sports & Travel,


In addition, it runs a number of inter-school events allowing you to get to know your fellow students better:

  • Induction seminar
  • Theme-based weeks
  • Trips and weekends away (skiing, Amsterdam, Barcelona, London, Prague, Venice…)
  • Sports and cultural events, hip hop and Zumba classes, tournaments…
  • Afterwork meetings and theme-based evening events
  • An open-space area reserved for students to allow you to meet up and socialize…


Students’ Society (Bureau des Elèves)

The Students’ Society is responsible for organising the various highlights of student life on each campus:

  • Freshers’ week-end
  • Student evening events
  • Campus activities
  • Gala dinner show
  • Charity work and activities raising funds for associations

Student Sports Society (Bureau des Sports): Meltin’Sports - ICD Toulouse Campus

The Sports Society is in charge of developing students’ practice of sport and participation in amateur sports competitions.

Regardless of your ability, experience or sporting interests, there is something to suit everyone from individual and group sports through to opportunities to represent ICD in university championships.

‘Working directly with students and the ICD management team, our objective is to improve the quality of student life and create links across the school.  Through organising a variety of social, sports and business events we hope to promote solidarity among students and to create and develop a feeling of belonging to their school.’

Nicolas WENTZEL – President of Shot Gun Society

‘Our objective is to create links across the campus, bringing together students whatever course they are studying on.  Our leitmotif is to make campus life as vibrant as possible!  Beyond the social side of things, our members are here to help you with the formalities involved in creating a club or society, to help you make a success of a charity project, or anything else really!  Join up with us on Facebook!’

Jeanne GUY – President of Meltin’Potes Society

‘The Student Sports Society at Groupe IGS Toulouse offers you a fun environment in which to practice sport, play for your team or just to make new friends.  Our project in 2013 is to create a team of American-style pom-pom girl cheerleaders…’

Hugo ARQUÉ – President of Meltin’Sports Society