International with the Grande Ecole Program

ICD offers you exciting international double degree opportunities and study abroad semesters at more than 80 partner universities located in Asia, Africa, North & South America, Oceania, the Middle East, the Caucasus as well as in Europe.

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At the beginning of year 1, you’ll spend a full semester in Dublin and have the opportunity to choose the Franco-Chinese track as a study option.

This unique international track will equip you with specific expertise in Euro-Asian business.  Thanks to our exclusive partnership with Fudan University in Shanghai, we’ll prepare you for exciting transcontinental careers in export, purchasing and distribution.  The Franco-Chinese track is designed to enable our students to develop advanced Chinese and English language communication skills.  In year 1, you’ll take an intensive Chinese language course, followed by 2 years of full immersion in China in years 3 and 4 of the Grande Ecole Program.

In year 3, boost your international profile

From year 3 onwards, you’ll be able to go abroad for a semester and study on a double degree programme, or choose to follow the highly popular Intercultural Management Semester (SMI).




Year 1

The study abroad semester at Dublin Business School offers students their first experience of an immersion in a high-quality international academic environment.  Thanks to business courses taught in English, opportunities to explore the Irish way of life and the international campus environment at Dublin Business School, you’ll have unparalleled opportunities to discover the Anglo-Saxon culture and benefit from an exceptional cultural experience.

Year 2

In year 2, you’ll not only benefit from further language courses to develop your intercultural skills, we’ll also offer you courses in geopolitical culture and international economics and law.  This will equip you with a better understanding of the complex and fast-changing world we live in today.

Year 3


  • Study abroad: we offer a choice of over 80 partner universities for you to spend one or more semesters studying overseas. By immersing yourself fully in the culture and language of a foreign country, you’ll develop your independence and learn how to see business and marketing through the lens of a different culture. 
  • Intercultural Management Semester: The Intercultural Management Semester (SMI) offers our 3rd year students an unparalleled cultural, professional and academic experience in North America and Asia.  Your itinerary across these two continents combines university lectures and real-world encounters with professionals, allowing you to explore the managerial, marketing and sales practices of American and Asian business organisations.



Year 4

The majority of your courses will be taught in English to ensure that the international dimension of your learning experience continues throughout year 4.  Semester 2 can be spent entirely overseas, either on the SMI  (Intercultural Management Semester), or on a study abroad programme at one of our international university partners.

Year 5

In year 5, you’ll have the opportunity to spend either 1 or 2 semesters abroad studying at one of our international university partners.  At this level of study, ICD currently has 5 agreements for double degree programmes.  





Created in 2005 in partnership with Fudan University in Shanghai, the ICD Franco-Chinese track will equip you with specific expertise in Euro-Asian business exchanges.  By developing advanced Chinese and English language communication skills, you’ll prepare for exciting transcontinental careers in the fields of export, purchasing, distribution and international sales.



The SMI semester offers students an unparalleled learning experience at the very heart of the international business community.  Throughout the semester, you’ll benefit from theoretical input combined with rewarding real-world encounters with French business leaders and entrepreneurs located overseas.


In order to help our first year students settle in and get to grips with a new way of learning with a strong international dimension, the programme of study begins with an optional 2-week long international orientation seminar. Subsidised by our partner companies, the seminar allows students to discover a new way of life and the unique culture of a country that thrives in a dynamic economy.

On the program: lectures, conferences, meetings with business professionals, cultural visits and excursions to encourage the cohort to get acquainted and develop a dynamic group spirit.

claudia icd

Studying at ICD has been an extremely rewarding experience for me.  As a result, I’ve become a more independent person, better organised and more open to the world around me.  Through my various study abroad periods in Germany, the USA and Ireland, I was able to discover new cultures and different ways of learning.  The course also equipped me with solid professional and soft skills that have been really useful during the start of my career in business.  To supplement the Marketing studies I did at ICD, I’ve now decided to take a specialist training course in UX design.

ICD Grande Ecole Programme Graduate