Become Tomorrow's Outstanding Salesperson

Les Négociales, the prestigious national negotiation competition, comes to ICD Business School to offer our students a unique opportunity to put their sales skills into practice. In the form of dynamic role-playing, this event features encounters between students and sales professionals. Discover how this experience can be the catalyst that propels our students towards commercial excellence.


A Unique Face-to-Face: Students vs. Professionals

At the heart of Les Négociales, each student has the chance to slip into the salesperson's shoes for a 10-minute role-play, opposite to a professional who takes on the role of buyer. It's a face-to-face encounter where negotiating skills are tested in realistic scenarios. A jury, also made up of professionals, carefully observes each interaction to assess the candidates' performance. Each student will experience two role-plays, one in the morning and one in the afternoon, offering a complete immersion in the world of negotiation.

The Quest to the Grand Final: An Exciting Challenge

The stakes are raised when the 10 finalists from the qualifying day are selected to take part in the Grand Final, which takes place on March 28th and 29th in Epinal. Using the same codes as the qualifications, the Grande Finale is the culmination of this incredible challenge. It's an opportunity for our students to measure themselves against the best, demonstrate their mastery of negotiation and show their agility in the face of real-world challenges. A unique opportunity to excel and get noticed by leading professionals.

Incommensurable Benefits: Why Participate?

Participating in Les Négociales offers much more than just a competition. It's an opportunity to develop essential negotiation skills, receive constructive feedback from seasoned professionals and build a network in the industry. Students will also have the chance to distinguish themselves and land internships, work-study or even job opportunities. Les Négociales is not just a competition, but an open door to a promising future in sales.

By taking part in Les Négociales, our students embark on a unique adventure that will transform them into kings of negotiation. This immersive experience, punctuated by stimulating role-playing, prepares them for the challenges of the professional world. Whether it's to hone their skills, stand out in the industry or create professional opportunities, Les Négociales is much more than a competition - it's a catalyst for a high-flying commercial career.