Being a work-study student at your own school, the interview of Wafae at ICD Business School Paris

Wafae Mallek, a student at ICD Business School Paris talks about her experience as a work-study student at her own school for Capitaine Study 🎓


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Could you introduce yourself in a few words?

I am MALLEK Wafae, a 5th year student at the ICD Business School and a work-study student at the school.

What is your academic and professional background?

After obtaining my Baccalauréat ES, I entered the first year at the ICD Business School. During the different years, I did several internships, especially in the digital marketing sector, because it corresponded to what I wanted to do after my Master.

Why did you choose to join a business school?

I knew for a long time that I wanted to go to a business school because I have always liked the link with people, the human contact. Beyond that, I have always loved art and I didn't know how to make a living from this passion without going to art school. That's when I had the idea of working in the art business and one thing led to another, I joined the ICD (and changed my professional project).

There are many business school programs. Why did you choose the PGE?

I wanted to get a Master's degree in 5 years since the beginning of my studies so the PGE (Programme Grande École) was the best solution for me.

💡The ICD Paris allows you to study in the business field after the baccalaureate by allowing you to do a 5-year course with the PGE (Programme Grande École) or a 3-year course with the Bachelor.

In your opinion, what are the qualities required to follow a PGE?

For me, it is necessary to have these qualities: rigor, organization, knowing how to work in a group because we have many projects that require a good team spirit!

Why did you choose ICD Business School?

I learned about the ICD at a trade show and I was charmed by the international dimension. I had the chance to start my studies in Tokyo and to go to Dublin during my first year. No other school offered an international experience so early in the program. Moreover, I was really looking for a school with a small number of students, on a human scale, and I found at ICD exactly what I was looking for.

Is this your first year in a work-study program? What are the advantages and disadvantages of the work-study program?

Yes, this is my first year of work-study. The main advantage of a work-study year is obviously the savings on tuition costs. Apart from that, it's also the experience you get, the fact of being directly immersed in professional life. The disadvantages of the alternation I would say are the rhythm which can be quite difficult to keep up, the fact of juggling between courses and company but in reality after a while you get used to it. Also, if you have a class that you get along with, you tend to miss them sometimes. 😂

💡The ICD Paris offers a work-study program starting in the third year of the Bachelor's degree and in the PGE Master's cycle. Choosing work-study allows you to acquire professional skills as early as possible and to be able to count on the fact that your training is financed by your host company.

How did you find your work-study program?

It was the company (the ICD school) that contacted me. I had already worked for them in the past, the sales and marketing director had heard about my project and had had good feedback. So, he asked me if the job would interest me and I said yes!

Can you tell us about your job and your missions during the work-study program at ICD Paris?

I am a digital communication manager. I'm in charge of creating video content on different networks (real, interview, etc.) especially on TikTok. I have to follow the video creation process, from the writing of the videos (which is done by my colleague and my manager), to the realization and post-production (editing, etc.). I am also in charge of monitoring the performance of the networks and defining new influence strategies on TikTok.

Are you able to manage and differentiate your status as a student and as a digital communication manager for the same institution?

Globally, yes, but I must admit that it's complicated sometimes. It gets mixed up and the information meets even if I try to keep it separate. At least, I have a different vision when I am in class and when I am at work.

According to you, what are the essential qualities to do your job?

In my opinion, you need patience, creativity and above all organization.

Do you have any advice for current and future students?

Learn to take time for yourself and make companies understand that when you are in class, you are in class. Try to really separate the two even if it's hard, even if you have that fear of disappointing.

Why would you recommend future students to enroll at ICD?

ICD Business School is a human-sized school, although many schools claim to be human-sized schools, this is the case here. The offices are always open, you can easily make an appointment with the director to discuss your concerns. Listening is really at the heart of the pedagogy.

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