Exploring the future perspective of the Bachelor Business and Marketing

The Bachelor Business and Marketing at ICD Business School opens the doors to diverse and varied professional opportunities. Discover three promising career paths: Marketing and sales manager, E-commerce and digital marketing manager, and Business development and/or marketing manager. Dive into the professional opportunities that await you with these dynamic roles while exploring the salaries that come with them.

Bachelor Business & Marketing at ICD Business School

Path to Success: Marketing and Sales Manager

The position of Marketing and Sales Manager combines creativity and strategy. In this role, you will lead efforts to identify and target market segments, develop sales and promotion strategies, and ensure sustainable sales growth. With the ICD Bachelor of Business and Marketing, you will be perfectly prepared for this crucial role. Marketing and sales managers often benefit from competitive salaries, with an average salary that can vary between 42K to 48K euros gross per year, depending on experience and the size of the company. Or 3.5K to 4K euros gross per month.

The Digital Era: E-Commerce and Digital Marketing Manager

In the ever-changing digital age, the role of e-commerce and digital marketing manager is more crucial than ever. As a digital marketing professional, you will lead the company's online presence, develop strategies to maximize online visibility, manage advertising campaigns and analyze data to optimize performance. Thanks to your mastery of digital marketing acquired through the ICD Bachelor Business and Marketing, you will be able to anticipate a salary generally in the range of 40K to 50K euros gross per year, depending on expertise and location. Or a little more than 3.3K to 4K euros gross per month.

Strategic Development: Responsible for Business Development and/or Marketing

As a Business Development and/or Marketing Manager, you will be in charge of developing and implementing business growth strategies. Your role will be to identify new business opportunities, create strategic partnerships and ensure the business remains competitive in the market. Thanks to the management skills acquired as part of the ICD Bachelor Business and Marketing, business development managers can expect attractive salaries, typically between 45K euros annually and 100K euros gross (fixed + variable) per year, based on experience and the success of the initiatives. Or 2.5K and 3K euros gross per month.

ICD's Bachelor of Business and Marketing not only provides comprehensive training in marketing and commerce, but also opens doors to rewarding career opportunities. As a Marketing and Sales Manager, E-commerce and Digital Marketing Manager or Business Development and/or Marketing Manager, you will be equipped for a rewarding and dynamic career. With competitive salaries and development opportunities, these roles are the perfect complement to your training at ICD Business School. Prepare to forge your path to a bright professional future.