Hosting international students: Intensive exchange at ICD Business School

The BIP at ICD Business School was much more than a simple immersion for students from the University of Minho, Portugal and the University of Cyprus, Cyprus. During five days of intense activity, these master's students immersed themselves in an experience focused on the development of the Pierre Hermé brand in their respective countries. This initiative enabled direct encounters with the customer, offering a practical and enriching perspective on international strategic management.

bip chypre portugal

Cultural and educational exploration

Participants began their stay with an in-depth tour of the ICD Business School campus and an immersive presentation of the establishment, followed by a warm welcome at the restaurant Le Petit Carillon. Beyond the culinary delights of Paris, students undertook stimulating group projects, ranging from visits to iconic companies such as Pierre Hermé, to the discovery of iconic sites such as Parc Monceau. This diversity of activities fostered a deeper understanding of the challenges of international business development and marketing strategy.

Interdisciplinary Encounters and Cultural Exchange

One of the most captivating aspects of this exchange was the convergence of diverse specialties. As part of the "International Business Development" specialization, our 4th year icédiens and international students brought their unique perspectives in human relations, business, marketing and commerce, enriching every discussion and activity. Meeting with distinguished professors such as Houyem Chaib, Eleni Stavrou, and António Joaquim Araújo Azevedo added a valuable pedagogical dimension, offering innovative teaching and direct interaction with the customer, Pierre Hermé, to solve the brand development problem.

This intense exchange was much more than a week of discoveries. It reflected a truly international collaboration, offering students immersive, hands-on experience in global business development strategy. By working on the Pierre Hermé brand in Portugal and Cyprus, these young talents not only broadened their horizons, but also helped push back the frontiers of educational innovation at ICD Business School.