The Key Role of Jury Members: Help Train Future Negotiators

The ICD Business School is opening its doors to you to take part in a unique experience as a juror at Les Négociales, the largest commercial negotiation competition in the French-speaking world. By taking on the role of juror, you'll contribute to the evaluation of students and their pedagogical development, while enjoying professional benefits during a convivial day. Find out how you can become a part of this adventure while expanding your professional network.

Jury recruitment

The Significant Role of the Jury: Guide the Negotiators of Tomorrow.

As a member of the jury, your mission is of paramount importance in the running of the Négociales at ICD Business School. Whether you take on the role of Buyer, Jury Chairman or Judge, your expertise will be put to good use in assessing the students' performance in the role-playing games. More than just a marker, you'll be a guide, helping to train future negotiation professionals. Respecting instructions, giving feedback to candidates, and contributing to assessments during deliberation are all part of your mission.

The advantages of being a jury member: a mutually beneficial investment. 

Participating as a jury member in the Négociales at ICD Business School offers a host of professional advantages. Increasing your professional network, spotting new sales talent for possible internship, work-study or job offers, these are just some of the opportunities open to you. You'll also be helping to promote field sales by sharing your expertise with students. Beyond the professional aspect, it's also a convivial day of exchange and discovery.

How to become a jury member: Registration and Commitment. 

If the idea of becoming a juror appeals to you, the registration process is simple. Go to, click on the "REGISTRATION" tab, then select "I AM A PROFESSIONAL". Fill in your contact details and choose the qualification center: 6/03/2024 - Paris ICD. Indicate your availability, whether in the morning, afternoon or both. Registration is free, and your participation will actively contribute to the success of this event.

By becoming a jury member at Les Négociales at ICD Business School, you embrace an exceptional opportunity to shape the next generation of negotiators while benefiting from a professionally enriching experience. The educational commitment, networking benefits and conviviality make this experience a real adventure not to be missed. Join us to be an integral part of this milestone in the development of future sales talent.