Paris Aide aux Victimes (PAV): Spotlight on Violence Against Women

At the heart of ICD Business School, the "ICD Cares" initiative stands out as a project shaping committed and responsible citizens. This article highlights the role of this program and the recent intervention of Paris Aide aux Victimes (PAV), an association that has made a lasting impression on our students through its awareness of violence against women. This is the second intervention carried out as part of the ICD Cares project. The first, in October, was carried out by Ethylot'Health, with the aim of raising awareness among our students of the dangers associated with different types of addiction. (lien publication LinkedIn Ehytlot’Health

Paris aide aux victimes

ICD Cares: The school that Cares

In an ever-changing world, ICD Business School is committed to training leaders who are aware of social and societal issues. "ICD Cares" embodies this commitment by offering our students unique opportunities to raise awareness of the crucial issues affecting our society. These actions enable them to acquire a broader perspective, contributing to their personal and professional development.

PAV at ICD: A Place of Trust for Victims

In November, "ICD Cares" welcomed Paris Aide aux Victimes (PAV), an association dedicated to welcoming victims, listening to them about their rights and providing psychological support for these victims and their families. PAV, a member of the INAVEM federation, shared its expertise in terms of rights, listening, information and psychological support. PAV's presentation was an eye-opener for our students, giving them a better understanding of the reality of violence against women, and raising awareness of the need to combat this scourge.

Raising Awareness with a lasting impact

PAV's intervention at the ICD Business School has left an imprint on our students. They have acquired a deeper understanding of the issues surrounding violence against women, as well as a better knowledge of the resources available to victims. This impact translates into a student community that is better informed, more empathetic and ready to commit to making our world a safer place for all.

It is essential that we, as an institution of higher learning, continue our mission to develop enlightened and engaged leaders. "ICD Cares" is a tangible illustration of our commitment to society. The intervention of Paris Aide aux Victimes (PAV) was a key moment in this process, offering our students an essential awareness of violence against women. By continuing to integrate such initiatives, we are contributing to a more respectful and inclusive future for all.