Seville, TOEIC, and Flamenco: When Education Becomes an Adventure

As the year draws to a close, our students in the 5th year of the Grande Ecole Program, specializing in Banking, embark on a unique educational adventure in Seville. A two-week immersion in this picturesque Spanish city, combining intensive TOEIC preparation and cultural discovery, provided our future professionals with an unforgettable educational experience.

seville toeic

TOEIC in Seville: a stimulating learning environment

In the quest for linguistic excellence, our students immersed themselves every morning in TOEIC preparation courses and workshops. Supervised by professional English teachers, they took up the challenge of improving their written and oral skills. The ambitious goal: to obtain an international ETS certification, the TOEIC, to attest to their mastery of the English language. This pedagogical immersion promotes rapid assimilation of knowledge, creating a bridge between formal education and the language skills essential to their future careers.

Seville, a Cultural Laboratory for our Students

Beyond the classroom, our students had the chance to discover the cultural richness of Seville. Between cultural visits, meetings with partner companies, and exploration of the historic streets, they forged links between the English language 

Flamenco, Football and Encounters: Highlights of the Stay

The program is not limited to formal education. Our students also took part in a Flamenco workshop, an artistic immersion in Spanish culture. Their free time was enriched by the discovery of the local soccer scene thanks to a Real Betis match, creating indelible memories that go far beyond the school benches.

As our students embark on their second week in Seville, ICD Business School celebrates an initiative that combines business with pleasure. Intensive English language training through TOEIC preparation blends harmoniously with cultural exploration and enriching encounters. These young professionals will return to France armed with solid language skills and lasting memories, ready to embrace the opportunities that present themselves in the international professional world. Education thus becomes an adventure, opening doors to linguistic excellence and intercultural understanding.