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Erasmus +

Why choose Erasmus + ?

Do you want to give another dimension to your journey? Have a rewarding experience? Why not take one or more semesters abroad? The Erasmus + program offers you this great opportunity! The ICD Business School explains everything to you. 

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How to manage a multicultural team?

In a context of globalisation and accelerating exchanges, companies are adopting innovative concepts in order to meet the new challenges. This is particularly true of management, which can take a multicultural form in order to manage differences within a team. They are indeed a strength for organisations, provided that everything is done to take advantage of them! 

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Toulouse, the #1 student city in France: let’s see what “La Ville Rose” has to offer!

With a diversified cultural offer, internationally recognized schools, moderate rent prices, Toulouse has all the advantages of a large metropolis, and for good reason, the city which is nicknamed “la Ville Rose” (Pink City) was just reelected as the best student city in France. Along with ICD Business School, discover why you are going to want to choose the capital of Occitanie for your higher education!

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smi malte

Launch of the Intercultural Management Semester

The incredible adventure of the Intercultural Management Semester was launched on 13 th February for the students of the Grande Ecole Programme of the ICD Business School. It has begun in Malta and our students will soon discover the heart of ancient Greece, Athens. More than a first professional experience abroad, the SMI also represents an exceptional opportunity for our students to build their international network. As junior export consultants, students work for a partner company of the ICD Business School with the mission of international development.

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michel dalmas

The Institut Prospectif : The prospective approach to commerce professions

On 31 March 2022, the first conference will be held and the official creation of the Institut Prospectif des Métiers du commerce of the ICD Business School will be launched. This project is the culmination of the process undertaken since June 2021 in terms of the prospective approach to business professions. This event is not only the official creation of the Institut Prospectif des Métiers du Commerce, but also the opportunity to summarize and explain the entire process undertaken within the Institut Prospectif.

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ICD Business School's Grande Ecole Programme achieves EFMD Accredited certification for 3 years

The ICD Business School has just been certified "EFMD Accredited" for the Grande Ecole Programme, considered as one of the most demanding accreditations. This is a recognition of its academic excellence, the quality of its international immersion, its proximity to the business world and the precise follow-up of the students before they join the very dynamic community of the ICD Alumni network.

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Master's degree


The National Commission for the Evaluation of Training and Qualifications in Management has renewed with l’ICD Business School, by awarding for a duration of 4 years the Master’s degree. In France, only 40 business schools can congratulate themselves on graduating their students with a Master’s degree, a guarantee of insertion and a professional stepping-stone. 

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ICDians around the world: Dublin

At ICD Business School we train efficient and responsible sales and marketing managers to work in a local as well as an international environment. International mobility is an important part of our students' training. Thus, from the first year onwards, our ICD students are encouraged to experience foreign countries through various tailor-made programmes. Dublin is one of the key destinations. The main objectives of this study stay are to discover the Anglo-Saxon culture and to reinforce the learning of the English language.

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