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Jacques Cœur Conferences: "Reinventing" Commerce through multidisciplinary meetings to share academic knowledge

The Institut Prospectif des Métiers du Commerce's mission is to offer a forward-looking approach to the business world. It is in this context that we are proposing a series of conferences named after Jacques Cœur, the famous merchant who, at the dawn of the Renaissance, succeeded in transforming the trades towards a commerce integrating the activities of trading, banking and (long-distance) transport. Building on his motto "A vaillant cœur, rien d'impossible", we continue to draw inspiration from his innovative spirit to rethink new business activities based on humanist values.  

Each conference will feature an exchange between an academic expert and a retail professional, each bringing a complementary perspective on how these activities are facing profound and increasingly rapid upheavals. Our aim is to propose innovative and often disruptive approaches, which we hope will be humanistic. "A valiant heart, nothing is impossible".

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Join the Banking courses of the ICD Business School

Are you passionate about the banking sector and aspire to a promising career in this constantly evolving sector? Do not look any further ! The ICD Business School offers you two exceptional courses to allow you to realize your professional dreams: after a Bac+2, discover the Bachelor in Banking and Insurance. Subsequently, after obtaining your Bac+3, you can specialize in customer relationship management and become a professional customer adviser / branch manager or premium customer adviser / wealth management and obtain a diploma conferring the Master's degree. Find out how these programs can propel you to success starting next school year.

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