C.E.D.I.A Conference #2: Discover the prospects of AI with renowned speakers

On Monday June 3rd, 2024, ICD Business School will welcome three renowned experts in the field of artificial intelligence for the second edition of the C.E.D.I.A. conferences. Nathan Bonnet, Fayçal Boujemaa, and Yann Ferguson will share their knowledge and experience on AI, its applications and its impact on the professional world. Get to know them through these tailor-made interviews!


Yann Ferguson, Director of LaborIA at INRIA

Who are you?

I'm Yann Ferguson, a sociologist at Inria. For the past 10 years, I've been studying the challenges of integrating artificial intelligence systems into professions, activities and organizations. I'm the scientific director of LaborIA, a research-action program launched 3 years ago by the French Ministry of Labor, Health and Solidarity and Inria, to assess changes in working conditions and skills.

What is the subject of your talk?

My talk will focus on the challenges of integrating AI into the workplace, highlighting the "unexpected progress of AI": while major transformations were initially sensed on routine tasks and the least skilled professions, it now seems that the most skilled professions and non-repetitive high-level cognitive tasks are the most concerned. And generative AI is moving in this direction.

What will your talk bring to our students?

Students will hear an analysis based on the most recent work on the subject. This will give them a better grasp of issues that are already major today, and will be even more so tomorrow, and about which we can read and hear everything and its opposite in the media.

Nathan Bonnet, CEO of PolymnIA

Would you like to introduce yourself?

My name is Nathan Bonnet, I'm 27 years old and I created PolymnIA, the first public speaking and correction artificial intelligence. I'm also the manager of the first AI incubator in Paris.

What is the subject of your talk?

The subject of my talk is "how to grasp AI, create businesses out of it, and integrate it into companies and public institutions". The students are going to be able to project themselves and imagine how they can use AI to create very simple applications. I'm going to give them a few tips on how to easily create projects using open source generative AI.

What will your talk bring to our students?

I'll be giving them a little advice on June 3rd!

Fayçal Boujemaa, CTO at Orange

Fayçal Boujemaa is Chief Technology Officer (CTO) at Orange, one of Europe's largest telecom operators. With a strong background in technology and innovation, he leads strategies for integrating new technologies, including artificial intelligence, to optimize services and enhance the customer experience. As CTO, Fayçal Boujemaa plays a crucial role in the company's digital transformation, ensuring that Orange remains at the forefront of technological advances.

Don't miss this unique opportunity to meet and listen to three artificial intelligence experts who will share their knowledge and perspectives on the future of AI. This event promises to be enriching for all ICD Business School students, offering them a clear vision of the opportunities and challenges linked to AI in the professional world.

Monday June 03, 2024 
12 rue Alexandre Parodi 75010 Paris
Metro Louis Blanc - Line 7
From 9am to 12:45pm.

👉 Or online via this link