Dive into the Marketing Heart of ICD Business School's Bachelor Business and Marketing Program

ICD Business School's Bachelor of Business and Marketing program offers an immersive three-year educational experience that prepares you to excel in the fields of business, marketing and entrepreneurship. Discover how this program focuses on developing marketing skills while providing you with solid professional experience.

Bachelor Business & Marketing at ICD Business School

Dive into the World of Marketing

Marketing is at the heart of the Bachelor Business and Marketing program at ICD Paris. From the very first year, students are immersed in the world of market strategy and communication. With courses such as "Conducting Market Research" and "Communication Fundamentals", learners gain a deep understanding of how companies target, attract and engage their customers. Marketing thus becomes the common thread running through this program, guiding students towards a mastery of the methods for developing relevant and attractive product and service offerings.

Marketing's strengths in the program

ICD's Bachelor of Business and Marketing is distinguished by its immersive, action-oriented approach. Real-life assignments and hands-on projects enable students to apply their newly acquired marketing skills in practical contexts. Whether through internships, associative projects or collaborations with companies, students develop a practical understanding of the essential role marketing plays in business success. In addition, the program offers a specialization in "Digital Marketing and E-Business", offering a deep dive into the ever-changing world of online marketing.

3rd year work-study course: combining knowledge and practice

A distinctive feature of ICD's Bachelor Business and Marketing program is the opportunity to do a work-study program in 3rd year. This crucial phase of your career will enable you to combine theoretical knowledge with practical experience within a company. Immerse yourself in the professional world, apply your marketing skills in real-life situations and develop an in-depth understanding of the challenges and opportunities of the business world. This unique work-study experience strengthens your ability to hit the ground running right after graduation, and is a major step towards building a solid career in marketing.

Career opportunities and progression

With the ICD Bachelor's degree in Business and Marketing, career opportunities in marketing are vast. Graduates are prepared for key positions such as Marketing Manager, Product Manager, Marketing Manager, and many others. Thanks to a combination of hands-on professional experience and a solid marketing background, students are equipped to seize opportunities in companies of all sizes, from start-ups to major corporations. What's more, for those who wish to continue their studies, the path is open to Master's programs within the ICD Business School.

Certified Diploma : Your Gateway to Excellence

The ICD Business and Marketing Bachelor's degree not only prepares you for the job market, it also offers you a Bac+3 level 6 Sales & Marketing Manager Diploma, an RNCP-certified title recognized by the French Ministry of Labor. This accreditation attests to the quality and rigor of the training provided at ICD Business School. By obtaining this certified diploma, you strengthen your professional profile and increase your chances of success in today's competitive business world. It provides a springboard to exciting career opportunities and a solid foundation for further study.

Further study: Towards ICD's Master's degree in Digital Marketing

ICD's Bachelor's degree in Business and Marketing also opens the door to further study. If you're looking to deepen your digital marketing skills, ICD Business School offers a Master's program in Digital Marketing. This advanced track will enable you to explore in depth digital marketing strategies, social media management, online content creation and much more. By joining this Master's program, you'll position yourself as a digital marketing expert, ready to influence the ever-changing digital landscape.