Employee Portrait

In the abundance of talent that makes up the ICD Business School, the diversity of our employees is proving to be a major asset in the growth of our institution. In order to plunge into the heart of their professions and career paths, we’re offering you a unique opportunity: an exclusive interview to explore in depth the many facets of these professionals and their inspiring experiences.


Employee Portrait, Samuel Mayol - Associate Professor and EC at ICD Business School and Deputy Director of the Applied Research Laboratory

Please introduce yourself.

I'm Samuel Mayol, Senior Lecturer and EC at ICD. I'm currently deputy director of the LaRA (Applied Research Laboratory). → https://www.icd-ecoles.com/le-lara-laboratoire-de-recherche-appliquee 

What is the subject of your research?

My research focuses on 2 main areas:

  • The influence of music in advertising. In particular, I've studied the impact of music on the consumer's persuasion process.
  • The evolution of marketing. From marketing 1.0 to marketing 6.0, this discipline has evolved considerably, now integrating AI into corporate strategy.

Why this topic? What triggered it?

Music is present in almost all adverts. So I thought it would be interesting to understand how music plays a part in persuading the consumer.
As far as the evolution of marketing is concerned, this discipline has evolved enormously since its integration into corporate strategy. How to integrate web and technology developments into marketing is a fundamental question!

What's at stake? The reality in 2023 (current situation)?

Today, whether it's music or 6.0 marketing, these two areas of research are finding ways to develop on social networks. This is one of my current areas of research.

In your opinion, what are the avenues for improvement? Where do you see the future?

My future research avenues will lead me to make the link between music, 6.0 marketing, social networks and AI. I'm convinced that there's a link between all these areas of research.