Employee Portrait

The excellence of ICD Business School relies on a multi-skilled team, whose diversity of skills and experience is an essential pillar of our success. To give you a better understanding of their jobs and backgrounds, we're offering you a unique opportunity: a series of personalized interviews enabling you to discover in depth the different professions and inspiring backgrounds of our employees, and to appreciate their indispensable role in the development of our school.

Employee Portrait, Eric Martel - teacher-researcher in AI and Data at ICD Business School

Please introduce yourself.

Hello, I'm Eric Martel, teacher-researcher in AI and Data at ICD Business School. With 14 years of experience in the digital sector as a web project manager for major accounts, I teach and conduct research in AI and Data as a teacher-researcher. My doctorate focused on the marketing of services, but today I'm devoting my research to the transformations brought about by the arrival of artificial intelligence in various sectors. I have also published a book on the delicate issue of transferring decision-making to autonomous systems in the military field.

What is the subject of your research?

The question of delegating decision-making to autonomous systems known as Artificial Intelligences.

Why this subject? What triggered it?

By the discovery in 2017 of reflections and debates on the possible arrival of Autonomous Lethal Weapon Systems (ALWS), better known as killer robots.

What's at stake? What is the reality in 2023 (current situation)?

How autonomous will employees be in the future? Will this lead to a segmentation between employees able to manage AI systems and those dependent on them? We are currently witnessing the insidious delegation of decision-making through micro-decisions.

In your opinion, what are the avenues for improvement? Where are we heading in the future?

We need to improve our understanding of how these systems work and what is at stake, to prepare future employees for the changes they will bring. The risk is that an industrial revolution will take place, mainly affecting intellectual professions, who will become simple operators of intelligent systems.