FNEGE Awards: The most innovative pedagogical devices

Each year, the FNEGE labels and awards the innovative pedagogic devices. The AUNEGE FNEGE Award ceremony for the Best Pedagogical Device in the Digital Age 2022 took place on 2 June in Paris.


Three ICD Business School pedagogical devices have been labelled in 2022 :

Preparation for the barometer conference

  • Author(s) : HOBEIKA Janine
  • Institution : CFA IGS group
  • Year of publication: 2021
  • Year of labelling: 2022

Data Challenge

  • Author(s) : MAMAVI Olivier, ZERBIB Romain
  • Institution : ICD Business School
  • Year of publication: 2019
  • Year of labelling: 2022

Soft skills - Challenger deep

  • Author(s) : FRANÇOIS Nicolle
  • Institution : ICD Business School
  • Year of publication: 2021
  • Year of labelling: 2022

 In order to better understand these pedagogical devices, here is a summary of each technique implemented by our teacher-researchers.


"Preparation for the barometer conference" by Janine Hobeika

Launched in 2018 at the ICD Business School with 4 classes of M2 level Banking Customer Relations students, the course has been deployed to 7 classes in 2021-2022, i.e. 173 students. Combining a reversed and inductive classroom pedagogy, and experiential in project mode, it follows the scientific methodology of data collection and leads to a public conference on youtube during which the best student pitches are broadcasted, completed with theoretical courses thanks to the collaboration of researchers from ICD and other schools and universities, both French and international, and discussed in round tables in which bank professionals, alumni and specialists in the humanities (philosophy, literature, history of art, therapy...) participate. The audience also includes the respondents of the study who see, only a few weeks after their collaboration, the popularized results of the work.

To find out more about it  - Available in french only


"Data Challenge" by Romain Zerbib and Olivier Mamavi

The data challenge is a learning device at the intersection of project-based teaching, open innovation and business games. It is a pedagogical modality that allows to promote, through an original experience, an effective and measurable increase in skills in the field of data science.
This pedagogical innovation was born from the following problem: what pedagogical method can guarantee effective learning (retention of knowledge, application of knowledge) coupled with learner commitment (participation, surpassing oneself, completion of courses)?
To better understand this practice, the data challenge seemed to be a good answer to these issues.

To find out more about it - Available in french only


Soft skills - Challenger deep by François Nicolle

Developed for 2nd year students of the Grande École Programme by our research professor François Nicolle, the hybrid course "Digital Project Management" has just been awarded the label "Pedagogical Devices in the Digital Age" by the FNEGE in 2021. This initiative, launched by the FNEGE in 2019, aims to recognise and share good pedagogical experiences, to enhance the use of digital technologies, by associating research and pedagogy, and to attest to the added value of Management Science teaching.

To find out more about it - Available in french only


The FNEGE (Fédération Nationale pour l'Enseignement de la Gestion des Entreprises) is the academic association of reference for all management science disciplines.
To evaluate the devices and award the label, the FNEGE's Collège Labellisation Dispositifs Pédagogiques à l'ère du numérique considers six main criteria

  • Innovative character, compared to existing practices
  • Rigour and quality of the content, corresponding to the most advanced knowledge in the field
  • Relevance of the use of technologies and media mobilised to achieve the educational objectives
  • Ability to be deployed on a large scale, and to be transferred to other contexts and to other audiences
  • Involvement of one or more permanent teachers in Management Sciences
  • Impact already achieved, or potential.