French Champion and student, it's possible with ICD Business School!

Julien RECZKOWICZ, a Master MRCM student at ICD Business School, successfully combines his passion for athletics with his professional ambitions. Freshly crowned French champion in the 4 x 800 meters with the Dijon University Club, he tells us how his determination on the track is reflected in his commitment as a recruitment consultant with Expectra, a rewarding experience he reconciles perfectly with his studies. Find out more about his career path in this tailor-made interview!

julien reczkowicz

Introduce yourself and say a few words about your training at ICD?

My name is Julien RECZKOWICZ, I'm 23 years old. I've been practicing athletics for 7 years. I recently won the title of French champion in the 4 x 800 meters with my Dijon Université Club team at the French relay championships in Blois.

In September 2022, I joined the ICD Business School on a work-study course for the MRCM (Customer Relations and Marketing Manager) master's program as a recruitment consultant at Expectra (a Randstad Group recruitment agency) in Dijon.

Why did you choose the Customer Relations and Marketing Manager program?

I was immediately attracted to the Customer Relationship and Marketing Manager program at ICD because of its focus on the key skills required in today's business world. I've always been interested in customer relationship management and business. My aim in pursuing a Master's degree was to strengthen my commercial skills. For me, work-study represents an ideal compromise between corporate experience and academic learning, enabling me to acquire a wide range of knowledge.

How does the ICD Business School help you through your career as an athlete?

On the Friday before the competition, the ICD Business School and Expectra enabled me to take online courses. This proved to be a very practical arrangement, as it enabled me to avoid the potential worries associated with predicted transport strikes. It also enabled me to prepare calmly for the race. I'd like to thank them for their great flexibility.

Which of the skills you acquired at ICD Business School are useful to you in your life as an athlete and vice versa?

My experience as an athlete has strengthened my ability to set ambitious goals and work hard to achieve them, an ability that translates directly into the business world. The perseverance I developed on the track has also helped me to face professional challenges with determination, constantly striving to improve my performance.
Julien RECZKOWICZ embodies the union of athletic perseverance and academic excellence. His victory on the track is a testament to his fighting spirit, a quality he puts to good use in the professional world in his quest for success. His inspiring career path reminds us that the skills acquired on the track can be invaluable assets in the field of customer relationship management and marketing, and paves the way for a promising future for this young champion in the making.