The ICD Business School in the 2023 Student ranking of top business schools awarding a Master's degree

The ICD Business School confirms its progression in the 2023 ranking by L'Etudiant of the major business schools granting the Master's degree. 

L'Etudiant analyzed and compared 37 schools whose Grande Ecole Program (PGE) delivers the Master's degree. Among these schools, the ICD Business School ranks 11th in the ranking of post-bac institutions.


We note a clear increase in the scores obtained for the following criteria: 

  • General satisfaction: 4.26
  • Course satisfaction: 4.25
  • Teacher satisfaction: 4.33
  • Satisfaction with educational and administrative staff: 4.28
  • Satisfaction with the school's social diversity: 4.52
  • Satisfaction with relations with companies: 4.17

In total, 97.63% of our students recommend ICD Business School!

How does this ranking work?

 This year, l'Etudiant's ranking is renewed with new criteria. These criteria highlight key values: 

  • Social openness 
  • The offer of double degrees with another French institution  
  • Graduate satisfaction 
  • Commitment to sustainable development with the DD&RS label

This new rating also indicates that a business school that loses places or stagnates is not necessarily in decline, but simply that it evolves less quickly than some other institutions over a given period.

 While waiting for the upcoming rankings from Challenge and Le Point 👉 discover more details about the ranking