The ICD Business School's Bachelor's degree gains 11 places!

A nice evolution for the Bachelor in Management Sciences of the ICD Business School in the ranking of the best bachelors of business schools on Parcoursup. Plus 11 places for our bachelor with two tracks: Business Development to discover business in an international context or Event Management to learn how to design, market and produce event campaigns.


A selective bachelor's degree!

This new ranking highlights the selectivity of our bachelor's programme. This is due to the fact that the criterion of excellence accounts for 50% of the overall score, but also to the greater selectivity that takes place in these courses. As with many undergraduate programmes in business schools, there can be a rigorous selection process to ensure that students admitted to the programme have the level of skills and knowledge necessary to succeed in the programme.


Preparing well for competitive examinations 

Selection criteria may vary between schools and programmes, but may include previous academic performance, aptitude tests and interviews. Business schools may also look for candidates with strong interpersonal and leadership skills, as well as relevant work experience or community commitments.
If you are interested in the ICD Business School Bachelor's degree, it is important to prepare a strong application that highlights your achievements and qualifications to maximise your chances of admission.

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