Introduction to ICD Business School's new "Food Change" specialization

ICD Business School recently hosted a unique workshop, the “Fresque Agri-Alim”. This event enabled its fourth-year students to explore the crucial issues facing the agri-food industry, while launching a new specialty: "Food Change." In this article, we dive deep into this workshop and this new educational approach.

Fresque Agri'Alim

Discovering the Agri-Alim workshop

ICD Business School students recently had the opportunity to take part in an awareness-raising workshop entitled "Fresque Agri-Alim." During this immersive morning, they explored the fundamental issues at stake in the agri-food industry. The Agri-Alim Workshop offered a comprehensive perspective on the evolution of agriculture, eating habits, and the environmental challenges shaping our society.

Understanding Food Change

This collaborative workshop allowed students to dive deep into the components, mechanisms and socio-economic factors that underpin our food and agriculture model. Participants were guided through a playful exploration of the impacts of these issues on human society and our ecosystem. In addition, a discussion enabled them to move from awareness to the search for concrete solutions. Students reflected on the individual and collective actions needed to meet today's food challenges.

The new "Food Change" Specialization

ICD Business School is taking educational innovation one step further with the launch of the "Food Change" Specialty." This ambitious initiative aims to train the next generation of food industry leaders, ready to meet new societal demands. The specialty focuses on the transformations underway in the agri-food sector, from new distribution trends to innovative food concepts and the ecological transition. With the support of industry experts, students will develop responsible innovations that benefit consumers.

The Agri-Alim Workshop and the "Food Change" specialization demonstrate ICD Business School's commitment to training professionals who are aware of the challenges facing the agri-food industry and ready to propose innovative solutions. As the agri-food industry evolves to meet the changing needs of society.