Thematic rankings of business schools "Le Parisien Etudiant" 2023 : The ICD Business School in the top 1 and 2

The ICD Business School has assets that do not leave the latest ranking of the Parisien Etudiant. Number 1 ex-aequo, in the work-study category and number 2 in the inclusive schools category offering accessible tuition fees, the business school demonstrates once again its desire to help young people enter the professional world by offering them the right conditions to get there


No. 1 in the ranking of work-study business schools 

The ICD Business School continues to make progress and has risen to first place in the 2023 ranking of business schools with work-study programmes. It came in first ex-aequo with the ISC school. This ranking shows the hierarchy of business schools specialising in work-study programmes, whose graduates are highly valued by recruiters.

1 - ICD Business School
1 - ISC Paris
3 - Istec Business School
3 - ESC Clermont Business School
5 - Inseec Grande École
5 - PSB (ex ESG Paris)

With the opening of a new year of work-study for its students, the ICD Business School emphasizes a policy of inclusiveness and employability. Indeed, work-study programmes, as offered by the ICD Business School and other business schools, have many advantages which have contributed to its success and its first place in the ranking of business schools with work-study programmes for the year 2023. 

  • Employability: Graduates of work-study programmes are highly valued by recruiters. Thanks to their practical experience in companies, they acquire concrete skills adapted to the professional world. This greatly increases their chances of finding a job quickly after graduation.
  • Inclusiveness: Work-linked training offers an advantageous financial solution for students. By working during their training, they can benefit from a salary or an internship allowance which can help cover part of their tuition fees. This reduces the financial burden of studying and better prepares them for working life. 

A 2nd place in the category of the most inculcating schools

At the same time, ICD Business School wins second place in the most inclusive schools with the lowest tuition fees.

1 - IMT-BS
2 - ICD Business School
3 - Esdes Business School
4 - Montpellier Business School
5 - South Champagne Business School

The ICD Business School places great importance on inclusiveness. It aims to provide a quality education to all students, regardless of their social background or financial resources. Thus, by offering affordable tuition fees, it strives to reduce the financial barriers that may prevent some talented students from accessing higher education. It also facilitates access to quality education. This approach promotes equal opportunities and enables motivated and talented students to learn in a stimulating learning environment.


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