5 reasons to join the Grande Ecole programme at ICD Business School

Discover the 5 strong points of the ICD Business School's Grande École Programme, a high-level Master's degree course with an international focus, innovation and professionalism.


1. A 5-year post-baccalaureate course for the professions of the future

The ICD Business School's Grande Ecole programme is designed to train students for careers in marketing and sales in an innovative, digital and international environment. This five-year course, leading to a Master's degree, enables students to acquire the skills and knowledge they need to succeed in a constantly changing professional world. The post-Bac course offers a unique opportunity for ambitious young talent to embark on a human and collective adventure while developing on the international stage.

2. A unique human and entrepreneurial environment

The ICD Business School stands out for its approach focused on people, entrepreneurship and professionalism. The school favours a human scale that favours personalised student support and an atmosphere conducive to personal and academic fulfilment. The three founding values of Humanism, Entrepreneurship and Professionalism permeate every facet of student life, creating a stimulating environment where everyone can develop their potential and aspirations.

3. Exceptional international exposure

The international component of the ICD Grande Ecole Programme is a key element in enabling students to develop a global vision of business and acquire intercultural expertise. With 80 partner universities around the world and 10 international double degrees, students have the opportunity to live an immersive experience abroad, improve their language skills and discover new cultures. This international outlook strengthens their CVs and their ability to adapt to global markets. This adventure can start as early as the first year, thanks to the international seminar!

4. Professional experience

The ICD Business School emphasises the professionalisation of its students throughout the course. With 20 to 30 months of professional experience under their belts, students have the opportunity to undertake internships, opt for a sandwich course in the Masters cycle, or take part in international projects. This practical experience enables them to apply their theoretical knowledge, develop operational skills and forge close links with partner companies.

5. 5 Targeted specialisations for a personalised career path

The Master's Cycle of the Grande École Programme offers students the opportunity to specialise in a variety of fields, such as International Business Development, Marketing in Transition and Digital Transformation, Customer Experience Management (Banking) and Purchasing and Supply Chain Management. Thanks to this diversity of specialisations, students can tailor their course to suit their interests and career aspirations. The ICD Business School supports each student in building his or her career plan, focusing on putting the skills acquired into practice and preparing for a successful entry into the world of work.

By choosing the ICD Business School's Grande Ecole Programme, students open themselves up to a world of possibilities where the human, international and professional aspects come together to train the marketing and business leaders of tomorrow. Thanks to excellent teaching, enriching experiences and relevant specialisations, students are ready to successfully meet the challenges of the global economy.

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