ChatGPT and cheating: identifying the use of AI by mixing "automatic detection and human observation

Since the launch of the artificial intelligence ChatGPT, many students have taken advantage of it to complete their schoolwork. According to Christian Goglin, Professor and Researcher in Artificial Intelligence at the ICD Business School, the world of education must both sanction the abusive use of this tool, but also be able to use it, provided that teachers are trained.

Christian Goglin

ChatGPT is the latest conversational robot, or chatbot, developed by the company Open AI, founded by the fantastic billionaire Elon Musk. This chatbot has been in the news since it was made available to the general public for free at the beginning of last December, and not without reason, given its amazing content generation capabilities. The world of education seems to have been taken by surprise by this new phenomenon whose main risk is the generalization of a fraud that can be qualified as automatic. This raises the question of the right reaction to this phenomenon.

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