Exploring the challenges of the digital age: ICD Business School's C.E.D.I.A conference recap

On June 14th, ICD Business School successfully organized the C.E.D.I.A conference, a day dedicated to exploring the economic and ethical challenges of Big Data and artificial intelligence (AI) in commerce and marketing. The event brought together experts in the field for stimulating conferences and interviews with speakers. In this article, discover the highlights of the conference, discussions on the anthropological revolution induced by technology and reflections on the impact of AI in the business world.


The economic and ethical stakes of Big Data and AI at the heart of the debates

ICD Business School's C.E.D.I.A conference offered a privileged platform to address the economic and ethical issues of Big Data and artificial intelligence. The lectures highlighted how business and marketing have been transformed by massive data collection, the power of algorithms and process automation. Renowned speakers emphasized the importance of a thoughtful, ethical approach to harnessing the potential of Big Data while avoiding legal risks and preserving consumer trust. The lively discussions enabled participants to gain a better understanding of the opportunities and challenges of this new digital era.

The AI-induced anthropological revolution: an inescapable perspective

During the second part of the conference, speakers took the floor to present their expertise and explore the key dimensions of the artificial intelligence phenomenon. The 6 speakers shed unique light on the operational, ethical and legal implications of AI in sales and marketing.

Eric Ghirardi, VP Sales Consulting Europe HR and Innovation at Oracle, shared his experience of successfully implementing value chain and business model transformation projects at customers who have adopted AI, sometimes combined with other technologies such as Blockchain or IoT. His talk illustrated the concrete benefits of these emerging technologies.

Christophe Benavent, University Professor at Dauphine-PSL, focused on the ChatGPT case, synthesizing and attempting to predict the short- and medium-term operational consequences of using generative AI. His analysis provided a better understanding of the potential impacts of these technological advances.

Éric Martel, Lecturer and Researcher at ICD Business School, raised the risks associated with the insidious delegation of decision-making to AI systems, in both civilian and military domains. His presentation highlighted the challenges we face in terms of responsibility and human decision-making in the face of increasing automation.

David Pothier, Consultant and President of consulting firm Advanced Research Partners, and Élodie Annuzet, Senior Data Protection Consultant at France's leading audiovisual media company, addressed sensitive compliance issues, with a particular focus on the implications of the RGPD. Their expertise provided crucial legal and ethical insights.

Christian Goglin, Lecturer-Researcher at ICD Business School, established links between law and ethics, exploring the possibilities and complexities of concretely implementing anti-discriminatory ethical constraints in AI decision support systems. His presentation highlighted the importance of reconciling ethical imperatives with practical requirements.

Finally, Éric Delassus, Associate Professor and Doctor of Philosophy, took a step back to offer a philosophical reflection on the possibility of ethics for AI systems in the context of business and marketing. His global vision raised questions about the values and principles that should guide the development and use of AI in these fields.

These presentations enriched the C.E.D.I.A. conference debates by offering varied and complementary perspectives on the economic, ethical and legal issues surrounding artificial intelligence in business and marketing. Participants were thus able to deepen their understanding of this rapidly evolving field and anticipate its future implications.

ICD Business School at the forefront of digital business and marketing issues

The C.E.D.I.A conference reaffirmed ICD Business School's position as a higher education institution at the forefront of digital business and marketing issues. The event offered a unique opportunity to bring together experts, practitioners and students to exchange ideas, develop networks and push the boundaries of thinking. Topics such as Big Data, social networks, the digital economy and ethics were central to the discussions, enabling participants to feed their thinking and enrich their knowledge. The ICD Business School is positioning itself as a key player in preparing future sales and marketing professionals for the digital age.