Innovative Specializations for Each of Your Passions

Discover how the ICD Business School Grande École Program can shape your professional future through comprehensive international training focused on essential business skills.


Why engage with the ICD Business School Grande École Program?

If you aspire to a dynamic and international career in the field of commerce, marketing, or management, the Grande École Program at ICD Business School is the path that will lead you to success. Our program offers comprehensive training, ranging from essential soft skills to advanced professional skills, while placing an emphasis on international problematics. You will benefit from unique opportunities to develop your professional network, discover new cultures, and prepare yourself to meet the challenges of today's business world.

The Grande École Program Journey

The ICD Business School Grande École Program is designed to offer you progressive and balanced training, from the first year to the master's cycle. During the first year, students will travel abroad, and each year will bring new opportunities for academic and professional development. You can choose between different specializations depending on your interests and your career plan.

Work-study program in 4/5th Year: An Open Door Towards the Professional World

ICD Business School recognizes the importance of on-the-job learning in preparing its students for successful careers. This is why, in the 4th and 5th year, we’re giving you the possibility to follow a work-study course. This hands-on work experience allows students to apply their knowledge in real-world environments and develop their professional skills while earning a salary. The work-study program is a golden opportunity to strengthen your CV, establish links with leading companies, and familiarize yourself with the dynamics of the professional world.

The International at the Heart of the Program

The International theme is an essential component of our program. Starting from your first year, you will spend a full semester in Coventry and will have the possibility of choosing the Franco-Chinese Pathway for specific expertise in Europe-Asia exchanges. You will take intensive courses and benefit from academic, cultural, and linguistic experiences around the world. ICD Business School prepares you for a global career.

ICD BS is firmly committed to preparing its students for an international career. Our students have the opportunity to choose from 70 partner universities located in varied destinations around the world. This academic, cultural and linguistic experience allows them to develop their autonomy, explore new perspectives in business and marketing, and create lasting memories. This is an invaluable opportunity to broaden your horizons and prepare for your international future.

The 4 Different Specializations

Our program offers you the flexibility to choose from four specializations to hone your expertise in the area you are most passionate about. You can opt for "International Business Development" to prepare you to work internationally, "Marketing in Transition and Digital Transformations" to become an expert in innovative marketing, "Responsible Commerce Development" to contribute to commercial practices sustainable, or even "Purchasing and Supply Chain Management" to master purchasing and supply chain management.

The Strengths of the Courses That Attract Students

Beyond academic expertise, our program emphasizes the development of essential soft skills in business, negotiation, the creation of innovative projects, and practical experience in business. Students have the chance to participate in the Négociales, a national commercial negotiation competition, and to complete internships in companies to put their knowledge into practice.

The Master’s Degree and the EFMD Accredited Label

The ICD Business School delivers a high-level diploma which confers a Master’s Degree. This recognition, granted by the Conference des Grandes Écoles (CGE), demonstrates the quality of our program and our commitment to academic excellence. This master's degree is recognized in France and internationally, opening the way to a multitude of career opportunities on a global scale. Additionally, our program holds the prestigious EFMD Accredited label which means you will be prepared to apply in any European country and take on the exciting challenges of the modern business world.

These updates further strengthen the relevance and quality of our program, providing our students with comprehensive training and invaluable experience to succeed in the ever-changing professional world. Join us at ICD Business School to shape your successful professional future.

On Opportunities and Salaries

After completing the Grande École Program at ICD Business School, you will have access to a wide range of professional opportunities. You could occupy positions such as:

Export Area Manager

The job of Export Area Manager consists of marketing products, optimizing the customer portfolio and developing the turnover of a company operating in several countries. The export zone manager must implement the commercial strategy in a particular geographical area, supervise and lead his sales teams, anticipate customer needs, manage distribution networks and prospect new markets. The salary of the Export Area Manager is between €35K and €45K per year at the start of the career. This amount can reach €60K after around ten years of experience. In addition, bonuses are added to the base salary which vary depending on the achievement of set objectives.

Commercial director

For a business to be successful, it must carefully establish its business strategy. The more it plans its actions and knows how to be reactive in the event of a problem, the longer it will last over time. The job of sales director consists of precisely implementing such a strategy, most often for a large company. The salary of the sales director is generally between €4K and €20K per month, or between €48K and €240K per year. Indeed, the range is very wide. This is explained by the fact that many factors influence this remuneration. The size of the company and the sector in which it operates or the experience of the candidate play a key role, but we must also not forget the importance of the bonuses that they can receive.

International Buyer

The job of an international buyer consists of prospecting suppliers abroad in order to find the best quality-price ratio. To do this, he must launch calls for tenders, then analyze the different proposals in order to make his choice and achieve his objectives. At the start of their career, the international buyer's salary is around €2.5K gross per month. With experience, and depending on the company in which he works, this salary can then reach €6K, or between €50K and €72K per year.

The Grande Program also allows you to create your own innovative business. Salaries are competitive and reflect the quality of the training you will receive at ICD Business School.

In summary, the ICD Business School Grande École Program is an exceptional opportunity for students looking for high-level training, enriching international experience, and exciting career prospects in the business world. Join us to successfully shape your professional future.