Joël Girod, film producer and General Director of the Diversity of French Cinema, the DCF-Klapcoin.

On March 14, Joël Girod, film producer and General Director of Diversity in French Cinema, the DCF-Klapcoin, will orchestrate the second Masterclass of the year 2023 for the ICD Business School. Mr. Girod will present a new ecosystem for financing cinema on the WEB3.

This Masterclass aims to accompany students in understanding the digital universe and the challenges of innovation.


This cycle of master classes addresses the transformations of culture in the digital era, by surfing on digital art, video games, virtual reality, special effects (vfx), luxury marketing and esport, while addressing their respective "business models" within the framework of the ICD Business School.

Who is Joël Girod?

In 2021, Joël Girod took the reins of the general management of DCF-KLAPCOIN, alongside Sarah Lelouch, producer and director of documentaries. He is responsible for monitoring the cinema currency project, the Klap, as well as the operational handling of the budgets necessary for the development of audiovisual works selected by the DCF committee.

Key dates: 

  • April 2020 - now, film producer at INP PROD.
  • 2018-2020, Key Account Director at Primonial Soluti.
  • Education: École Supérieure du Notariat de Paris.

Is Blockchain or Web3 an effective remedy for an industry in crisis, in this case, the film industry?

Conceived by Sarah Lelouch and Joël Girod -and sponsored by Claude Lelouch-, Klapcoin is a crypto-currency investment fund, created on a blockchain. A French crypto-currency, of new generation, reserved for the financing of audiovisual works. This crypto-currency allows for new sources of financing, an alternative to traditional windows (Sofica...), which are undergoing a major transformation. "This new digital currency is issued by DCF, the French Cinema Diversity, a production company that supports the diversity of the audiovisual landscape. Klapcoin's ambition is to help and support authors and producers in the development of films. In addition, we want to make the public an actor and investor in the artistic creation process," explains Joël Girod. A new business model, supported by a community of film and stage professionals, including Julie Gayet, Kev Adams, Sofiane Zermani (Fianso), Fred Musa, Valérie Perrin...

"The DCF-Klapcoin welcomes both Klapcoin investors and project holders who need development assistance, a crucial phase for works," says Joël Girod. At a time when this new business model is being tested across the Atlantic, Roman Coppola launched a film financing application on the TEZOS blockchain, on the sidelines of the last Cannes Film Festival - the Decentralized Pictures Foundation, to support independent filmmakers. DCF-Klapcoin proves that the film industry is getting back on track. Students will be able to discover that France is not waiting for 2030 to place its pawns on the international film scene…


The Blockchain is also present in the digital art sector: Cédric Roche, Adoption Manager at Nomadics Labs (Blockchain TEZOS) will come on April 13 to meet the students of the ICD Business School.