Music and politics: the links between musical styles, themes and political colors revealed

Discover the results of a groundbreaking exploratory analysis of the use of music in political campaign clips. This article examines the links between musical styles, themes addressed and political colors, offering new insights into the impact of music in political communication.


The importance of music in campaign clips

This study explores the role of music in political campaign clips, highlighting the attention paid to the musical choices made by creatives. While political figures focus on their rhetoric and image, music seems to be a key element in creating an emotional and symbolic atmosphere.

Musical styles and political colors 

The results of the analysis reveal a correlation between the musical styles used and the political colors of the candidates. Classical music is often associated with the right and extreme right, while rock is preferred by the left and extreme left. This trend underlines the desire of political parties to convey messages in line with their positioning.

Themes and music

The study also shows a relationship between the themes addressed in campaign clips and the music selected. Classical music is favored for topics such as the economy, security and diplomacy, while rock is often associated with education. These musical choices aim to reinforce the emotional and symbolic impact of political messages.

In summary, this pioneering study highlights the influence of music in political communication, highlighting the relationships between musical styles, the themes addressed and political colors. These results open up new perspectives for understanding how music shapes the perception of candidates and influences voter behavior.

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