Decoding the two programs: MSc and Programme Grande École

ICD Business School offers you two ways to stand out in the professional market. Discover the differences between the MSc in Purchasing and Supply Chain Management and Digital Business programs, as well as the Programme Grande École


The Grande École Program: a Bac+5-level training program leading to a Master's degree

The ICD Business School's Grande École Program is a 5-year post-baccalaureate program that is part of the Sésame competitive entrance exam, delivering a Master's degree and accredited by EFMD. This program prepares students for careers in marketing, sales and distribution in a digital, innovative and international environment. It stands out for its specializations created specifically to meet market demand in the fields of commerce and distribution. 

Its international focus enables students to develop a global vision, thanks to exchanges, internships abroad and courses taught in English. 

Professionalization is at the heart of the program's approach, with a strong emphasis on practical skills through hands-on projects and internships. 

Work-study programs are available from the 4th year of the Grande Ecole program. Personalized support throughout the curriculum encourages students' individual development. 

Last but not least, our prestigious alumni network facilitates the professional integration of our graduates.

Ranked 8th in the "Palmarès des Écoles de Commerce post-bac 2023" by Le Parisien Etudiant, the Grande Ecole Program guarantees a diploma recognized in France and internationally. What's more, it is a real asset in terms of access to careers in commerce, reinforcing the employability and professional success of future graduates.

MSc Programs in Supply Chain Management and Digital Business: Advanced Specialization

The MSc programs in Supply Chain Management and Digital Business at ICD Business School are designed for students wishing to deepen their knowledge in specific areas of international business. The MSc in Supply Chain Management focuses on technical skills and global supply chain management abilities, while the MSc in Digital Business concentrates on technical skills related to web development, digital marketing strategies and data analysis.

Choice of Specialization and International Experience

While MSc programs focus on advanced specialization in specific fields, the Grande Ecole Program offers versatility by enabling students to choose from different specializations such as: 

Responsible business development and customer experience
Marketing in transition and digital transformation
Purchasing and supply-chain management
International Business development
Customer relationship management - banking

Another significant difference lies in international experience. The last two years of the Grande École program include 1 to 2 years of study abroad, with the possibility of obtaining a double degree in one of the 80 partner universities. On the other hand, MSc programs offer more targeted international learning opportunities, such as study trips or international company visits.

The choice is yours!

Whether you aspire to become an expert in supply chain management, delve into the world of digital, or benefit from comprehensive training in marketing and business, ICD Business School offers a range of choices to meet your career ambitions. The MSc programs in Supply Chain Management and Digital Business offer cutting-edge specialization, while the Grande Ecole Program prepares you for a versatile career in marketing and sales.

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